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Responsive Web Design

Researchers at Google say, 79% of mobile travelers completed a booking after researching on their mobile in 2017, versus 70% in 2016. Besides AdWords enhanced campaigns, responsive web design is instrumental in increasing Towergate’s mobile visits by 218%. Plusnet uses responsive web design, sees traffic grow 2x and sales grow 10x on smart phones and tablets. Baines and Ernst’s new responsive website launch raises mobile conversions by 51%.

Ignoring these stories and their resounding success statistics is only to businesses’ disadvantage.

ReignSearch, the Digital Marketing Agency in Toronto Canada offers Responsive Web Design. And, Responsive Web Design is fundamental to replicating success stories like those above.


Website Design that essentially takes into consideration the users’ device, the platform, its screen size and orientation and the users’ behaviour and responds appropriately and seamlessly to deliver the most optimum experience irrespective of the device is known as Responsive Web Design.


Positive and seamless user experience makes for great user experience. Google recommends responsive web design as the industry best practice for the same reason. Having a different website for the mobile vis-à-vis the desk top may create a discontinuity when sharing content from one platform and viewing on another platform. That said, website owners also end up incurring the cost of maintaining two different sites. Besides, the mobile website if designed for any particular screen size and resolution like the smart phone, may not necessarily render effectively on the tablet. Therefore making web design responsive becomes the apparent solution to adopt.

Last but not the least important, search engine optimization efforts are effectively optimum if all traffic is driven to a single URL irrespective of sources like the desk top and mobile devices. The upshot is, significantly enhanced outcomes of SEO and SEM efforts.


We do attractive, engaging and converting websites that are essentially responsive.

The detailed process of ReignSearch is applied when gathering and understanding the requirements, and doing the design and build.

What to expect when you engage ReignSearch for your Web Design work –

  • Clarity of short and long term objectives of the website
  • Emphasis on the core purpose of the website
  • Keyword research and ‘on page’ (website) optimization for search
  • Structural design tuned for performance in search
  • Adequate provision for security, reliability and availability
  • Engaging Converting copy
  • Attractive creative graphic design
  • Scalable design with content management system for regular fresh content updates
  • Adequate software design for speed of rendering, user friendliness and seamless performance on all devices (responsive design of the website)
  • Depending on your need to scale, ReignSearch can offer you a gradually scalable design or a feature rich website from the outset

With unparalleled quality of the website, you will only be amazed with the outcomes.

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