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Looking for Digital Marketing Services to propel your marketing initiatives? Want to drive more traffic to your business?

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You are a Business Owner, taken the plunge into the world of entrepreneurship and established your product or service. And, your business has grown by word of mouth and your customers love what you offer. While business is growing, you sure can accelerate the pace. However, being passionate about offering the best of your services to your customers, you realize is not enough. You want to scale. There are practical constraints to your reach. You recognizing the immense power of the internet, the mobile and the digital. You are exploring options. Can you get your ideal prospect and leads to your business? Of course, you can. Need help?

You have arrived at the right place. Let us begin our journey together. At ReignSearch each customer journey is our journey of growth and success..

Else, you are a business representative with a passion to promote your products and services. You are a decision maker. And, you see there is so much that can be done to grow the business with digital means. You want to generate more leads. You are looking for the right partner to support your efforts with digital marketing.

We look forward to partner with you in your initiatives to scale and grow.

As a Digital Marketing Agency, we offer only very specific services listed here. Ask any questions you may have. Book us for a no obligations strategy session. We do ‘strategy’ based on ROI potential.

We look forward to getting to know you and explore further possibilities.

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We build marketing solutions for your business

In everything we do, we believe in building the next version of our services next time round. How we do this? It is by adopting the best in class marketing strategies; also by staying abreast of the latest in our field. We do this by leveraging our mastermind group so we remain cutting edge. We dominate competition.

As a Digital Marketing Agency, our business is to provide marketing services in the digital world. With an appropriate combination of strategies and robust implementation plans we drive more customers to your website, to your products, and to your services. It could be organic traffic or paid advertisements. We don’t just work on amplifying your brand and enahcing your market reach to get more leads.

We also help you convert more sales with this revlutionary product called B.A.N.K. If you want to scale your business 10X, come talk to us!

We’d be delighted to speak with you.

Some Words From Our Clients

With a lot to offer in her digital marketing arsenal, Sangeeta can be a great asset to have on your marketing initiatives. Depending on your specific needs she has the right solution in her toolkit. Reach out to Sangeeta for your SEO needs and you will only be amazed by her focus and your results.

Susana Roclord

Overall, must compliment you for a quality output. In hindsight, we did the right thing believing in ‘Reign Search’!

Col Nandy

Our Proven Process Produces Results


We study your business and your offerings. Understanding your goals, short term, and long term is fundamental to the process. We evaluate your competition. On identifying the opportunities to leverage we arrive at an honest assessment of your digital presence.


We present you with a strategy supporting your business objectives. And this is in the context of competition in your geographical market area. The strategy clearly outlines the approach you would take to achieve the best possible ROI. It can also state what may not work in your context.


After reviewing the strategy with you, we design a marketing plan for your business. We prioritize implementation with a close eye on the ROI. The approach is to implement on a smaller scale, assess the performance and then scale only those efforts that have the promise of a high ROI.


We track not only the status of implementation per plan but also the outcomes against objectives. Performance tracking aligns closely with our approach of implementation. Based on performance monitoring, we scale efforts to marshal the benefits of only the most effective steps.


Internet based Marketing, whether organic traffic with SEO and content marketing or paid traffic with digital advertising, long term implementations work with a rinse and repeat cycle. The approach is fine-tuned with each cycle and implementation is designed and incremented for better and better outcomes.

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